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Reservation Card – Rooms

Ace Hotel System

Details about rooms tab – edit date of reservation


In this view you will see the room number, room type, guest notes, status of the room, arrival date, full name of guest, the cancellation policy and the total amount for the room.


To edit the reservation click on the room and select Edit room from the drop-down list.

You will be able to amend the reservation at will.
Change the name of the guest, dates, rates, add details about the guest etc.

Remember when you have done so to scroll down and click Save

Notice the options to:

  • Add another room to the reservation

  • Print rooms info

  • Merge this reservation to another

  • Edit the foreign currency (this will need to be enabled through settings)

Notice the tick boxes to the left of the Room Type.

When selected a new top bar will appear that offers bulk actions such as:

  • Check in 1 or more rooms the same time

  • Check out 1 or more rooms the same time

  • Cancel check in and check out

  • Cancel rooms

  • Change the date of the stay

  • Change the occupancy of the guest in each room

  • Change the price ( limited to rooms in the same room type)

Note: If you click on the grayed-out fields you are able to sort them.