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Reservation card – Payment

Ace Hotel System

Charge card on file / add payment to a reservation. How to take payment

There are two ways to use the PMS to take payment from guests.

  1. Online payment: Connect to a payment gateway and charge reservations directly through Ace Hotel System. (this function is not available in Thailand)

  2. Offline payment: Mark a reservation as paid in Ace Hotel System when payment method is not made through the payment gateway. Charge reservations with a card machine, cash, bank transfer etc.

Online payment

To use online payment, a payment gateway needs to be connected to your PMS.
Some payment gateways are not available locally so feel free to contact us for more information. In case you have Stripe subscription, you can do the connection in a few clicks.

Navigate to the reservation card and click on payment.

You will see the last four digits of the card, name of the card holder and options to a drop down bar.

Click on options and select charge card

The total amount will be automatically selected, you are able to over write that number to a lower amount if needed.

FYI: you are not able to charge a reservation higher amount than the total amount of a reservation.

Offline payment

This option is used to mark a reservation as paid in Booking Factory when payment method is: card machine, cash, bank transfer etc.

  1. Navigate to the reservation card and click on payment.

  2. Select +Add manual transaction

  3. From the drop down list select Charge

  4. Select Type and from the drop down list select the appropriate payment method

  5. Description and payer name is optional

  6. Associated Folio – if you have more than 1 folio for this reservation you are able to select the appropriate folio

  7. If the amount is different you are able to write the exact amount you are charging

  8. Select the blue tick to save the transaction

When a payment has been charged online or offline it will appear on the Transactions list in the payment tab.