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Reservation card – Folios

Ace Hotel System

How to Add and Manage Folios

What is a Folio?

Think of it like a folder where you keep all the charges the guest has, like room bill, bar bill and payment slips.

A folio is automatically created for each booking when the booking is saved.

Multiple folios per booking

You can have multiple folios per booking. This is very useful if a guest needs to separate their business stay from their personal extra charges, or if there are multiple rooms in the booking and each guest needs a bill.

  1. Click on the reservation card

  2. Navigate to the Folios tab

  3. Creating a new folio is easy by pressing “Add Folio” button

You can also remove folios which are empty

Remove empty folio

Note: You cannot remove folios with items inside

Move items between different folios

It would be useless to have multiple folios if there wasn’t a smart way to move items between folios!

You can easily move:

  • Room costs: all or a part of it

  • Extras

  • Payments/Refunds

Here’s how easy it is to do!

Moving 2 nights from one folio to another

Split Items

We can also split items between folios.

  • Split items

  • Split room nights

  • By amount or percentages

Let’s split a room night and a bottle of wine between 2 persons

Splitting Room and Wine by 50% for 2 customers

Other Features of Folio & Invoices

There is a whole load of small features that you might also expect:

  • Discounts

  • Emailing folios & invoices

  • Folio & Invoice Report

  • Customer Report

  • Edit name of the guest/company on the folio by clicking the pencil icon next to the customers name.