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Reservation Card – Guests

Ace Hotel System


The guest tab stores details about the guests that are assigned to a reservation.
Open the reservation card and navigate to Guests tab.

When you have a simple booking with only one name you are able to add another guest to a reservation by clicking on add guest.

Lead guest is the contact person for a booking.
Primary guest is the primary name for a room (a star icon is next to the name)
Print Form will print out the registration form
Bulk edit guests will allow you to add name list

Mandatory fields are last name and room number


Hover over the icons to see what action the offer.

Show file: with this action you are able to add personal files from the guest
Print registration form: will print out the form for the current arrival date
Replace guest: allows you to quickly change the guest name.
Edit guest: this action will edit the current guest information
Remove guest: will remove the guest from a room, note that a primary guest cannot be deleted unless you select another guest to be the primary.