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How to handle refunds in the PMS?

Ace Hotel System

Payments, Refunds, How the payment was charged, How to provide a tax invoice for the refund

First of all, the payment should be refunded the same way it was charged. Therefore, the first step in the refunding process is to define if the payment being refunded was made in cash, external (offline) payment (e.g. EFTPOS machine) or through your online payment gateway provider (e.g. Stripe, Borgun, Valitor).

Checking how the payment was charged?

Navigate to the payments screen on the reservation you wish to process a refund on. This will allow you to view all of the transactions made on a guests folio.

In the above example, the first payment for $135 is an Online Card Payment, which we can see from the third column, “Type”.

The second payment, for $10, is a cash payment that was made via the + Add Manual Transaction button.

The third and final payment, for $65, is a Visa payment that was also made via the + Add Manual Transaction button. The payment was most likely registered this way as it was made via an external payment gateway (e.g. EFTPOS terminal). To keep note of the card on file the last 4 digits of the card have been recorded to aid the reconciliation process.

How to refund the guest?

  1. Select the transaction to be refunded

  2. Click Options to display the drop down menu

  3. Click Refund Payment

  4. Enter refund amount – you will not be able to refund more than was originally charged

  5. Click Confirm to process the refund

How to Provide a Customer with a copy of the refund?

  1. The processed refund will appear on the booking folio

  2. Click on the boxes next to the original Credit Card Charge (e.g. $135) and the Credit Card Refund (e.g. -$135)

  3. Once they have the blue tick click Move To > New Folio so that the charges are on their own folio

  4. Transfer the total amount of both charges to the Target Folio

  5. Click Move

  6. Click Create Receipt to provide customer with an official tax invoice for the refund