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Editing multiple rooms

Ace Hotel System

Creating, editing, modifying and canceling multiple rooms in (group) reservation

You can now update date, pricing, occupancy, cancellation status, checkin and checkout for multiple rooms at a time. Bulk updates make our lives easier.

Click on any of the rooms from the group of rooms booked.

The pop up window will open, and you can choose the rooms that need to be modified. In this example, we want to modify rooms 2, 3 and 5 to stay 1 night extra.

Check the boxes on the left of the rooms and select action from the top: Cancel room, Date, Occupancy, Price

We will adjust the check in date or number of nights, then click NEXT

I will change 3 into 4 nights, those rooms want to stay 1 night extra.

And check again if the changes are correct:

Now we can see that the price was updated and the number of nights for these 3 rooms was changed.

Use the tabs on the left to view or change Guest details, add extras, split folios etc.

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