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Edit Guest vs Replace Guest

Ace Hotel System

Why do all the names change in your group when you are updating only one? It´s simple but not so obvious to newcomers.

Some of our clients, while using Booking Factory run into some common issues in the beginning. This is one of them.

To explain quickly, when you edit a guest in a booking, you are changing their entire profile completely while replacing a guest means you are either creating a new guest or adding one that exists in the system already, to replace the one you have in the bookings already.

Edit Guest

The most common misunderstanding is that the booking is made with one guest name and the user is trying to add names to each room, using the “edit guest” button instead of the “replace guest” button. That results in Taylor Swift becoming Katy Perry, instead of Katy Perry just taking up one of the rooms formerly owned by Taylor Swift. Essentially, all the information about Tyalor Swift still exists, but her name is now Katy Perry:

Of course, if you had plenty of relevant information attached to the original name, you should start by adjusting the name back to the one that the information applies to and make them the Lead Guest again if applicable. After that, you should utilize the “replace guest” button to properly allocate people to each room in the booking.

Replace Guest

This way you can populate the booking with the correct people and each of them can have their own folio to pay for their own rooms and extras etc if needed. By default, there is no change to that. The lead guest is still responsible for payment but at least with this, you have the option of adding folios for each guest to distribute the charges.

That should settle this commonly encountered issue.

If you still have questions about how to change guest names in bookings with more than 1 room, please get in touch via chat and we´ll guide you through.