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Room move – Checked in reservation

Ace Hotel System

Moving a guest room during the stay

Sometimes during a guests stay they need to move rooms, this could be because of a maintenance issue or a complaint. When this occurs, the below process is to followed to relocate a reservation mid stay.

  1. Navigate to the reservation that is checked in and is required to move

  2. Click on the booking to open the Reservation card

  3. Navigate to the Rooms Tab

  4. Left click on the reservation to be moved

  5. From the drop down menu click Split to Another Room

  6. Select Date for the room change

  7. Select Room to be moved to

  8. Leave Comment on the reason for the Room change

  9. Click Confirm

This will create two reservations in the Calendar to view as the guest will be required to depart out of the old room to move to the new room.